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About Us

About Us

In 2011, we started the business with the sales of insect screen materials to companies producing insect screening systems and door-window accessories.

Since 2013, we also added insect screening system production and sales to our activities.

We proceed our sales via wholesale, dealer and retail channels where we make a difference with our reliability and innovativeness, ability to produce special solutions, and service speed and quality products in the sector.


Mainly consist of;

  • Roller insect screening system
  • Plisse insect screening systems
  • Sliding insect screening systems
  • Hinged insect screening systems
  • Cat safety insect screening systems


Cover the demands of all kinds of insect screening systems.


Tailor-based solutions with our experienced craftsmen and sales team, and serve with a long-term service approach from exploration and assembly to after-sales service.

The unique products of our company that make a difference are;

  • “Cat Resistant Screening System” designed for our pet friends,
  • “Roller Fly Screen with Brake (frameless)” that reduces material and production costs.


Our most important mission is to be a company that makes a difference with our new and innovative products and services, which we support with our R&D studies, using our experience and knowledge, and with its quality and product variety in the market.

  • To observe customer satisfaction in every channel,
  • To solve the needs of our customers in the most efficient
    and most appropriate way,
  • We aim to be a quality brand that makes a difference by
    giving importance to production technology and


Our most important vision is to make our brand a well-known, trusted and distinctive brand in Turkey and in the world.



To prioritize the customer satisfaction 0
To offer new and innovative products 0
To provide tailor-made approach to our customers 0
To improve our entrepreneurial and innovative perspective 0


İris Metal Sineklik;
sektöründe güvenilir ve yenilikçi olması, özel çözümler
üretebilmesi, hizmet hızı ve kaliteli ürünleri ile fark

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Meclis Mah. Yel Sokak No:4A - Sancaktepe İstanbul
0216 429 6922 0850 221 6567

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